Neurosis, Neurosis, depression and life crisis


In everyday practice, in PZU Evromedika. we often meet clients with neurotic disorders, where fear is the dominant symptom:
– Panic disorder with agoraphobia;
– Anxiety – depressive disorders;
– Phobia;
– Obsessive – compulsive disorders;
– Somatoform – compulsive disorders;
– Dissociative disorders.
As special categories of disorders that we work with are:
– Sexual dysfunction and
– Eating disorder.

Treatment consists of several phases:
– Stabilization phase, when implemented psycho – pharmaco therapy and psychotherapy interventions in terms of faster mental stabilization, in the sense to reduce the signs of acute overwrought.

– Phase modification of lifestyle and increased insight into the subconscious causes and psychological aspects of emerging symptoms and relaxing training techniques.

– Reconstructive forms of psychotherapy. This treatment is in terms of reconstructive correction of an old emotional experiences and changes that will mean overcoming the psychic conflicts that occurred because of neurotic disorder. This treatment is implemented in practice in the form of individual and group sessions.


Psychiatric treatment:
Assessment of severity of neurotic disorder and prescribed psychopharmaceuticals.

Psychotherapy treatment:
Assessment of personality characteristics, internal conflicts and intensity, their symbolic expression through symptoms of neurotic disorder. Types of psychotherapy treatment:
– Individual psychotherapy for a period of fifty minutes and
– Group treatment once a week.

The type of treatment is proposed to the first meeting and an agreement for cooperation is made that will provide successful treatment.

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