Life crisis, Neurosis, depression and life crisis

Life Crisis

Life reactions to crises and stress can be caused by factors from outside and inside our psychic. These are changes in our daily social life that associate with, or represent a loss, separation, changing attitudes of things, and that our relations are entering into new cycles, which happens in 3 – 5 – 7 years. Crises caused by our psychological interiority reflects the changes that endure, eg. age. Life crises occur, generally speaking, whenever we need new settings, whenever our internal balance is impaired, regardless of external or internal factors.

As a consequence of inadequate resolution of the crisis comes to:
1. Unprepared reception of similar life periods
2. Development of inappropriate behaviors: excesses with alcohol, drugs, excessive withdrawal of mood, aggressive behavior toward themselves and others and so on.

Psychotherapy is a way effectively to resolve Your life crises.

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